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As a "boutique" agency, our clients benefit from the regular hands-on involvement of agency principals on their accounts. In fact, we believe that our small size offers clients distinct advantages over larger firms. For one, we are all seasoned PR pros who are committed to delivering superior service. At Schwartz Public Relations, you will never see an "account coordinator" (a.k.a. - a junior with about as much PR experience as your mailman) calling the media on your behalf. A senior-level person is always your main contact within the agency, and your main "face" to the media.

Our philosophy is simple, but effective. Public Relations programs must make a significant contribution to the achievement of marketing and business goals. Everything we undertake is bottom-line oriented. Whether we implement a media campaign or a special event, the primary objective is to build awareness and drive sales.

Creativity is central to the way we work. We constantly apply dynamic, innovative thinking to our clients' businesses, developing groundbreaking and attention-getting programs consistent with the client's image.



As we see it, while our clients are our clients, we work for the media as well. How? By offering newsworthy resources to journalists, and not inundating them with irrelevant pitches, we succeed in making their jobs easier, earning their trust and cooperation in the process. Sometimes, this means we have to say "no" to our clients, but it’s worth it in the long run.

We have developed strong relationships with the media because we respect their time, and we know what will interest them. It’s not about the quick PR hit. Rather, it’s about building a relationship between your company and the media . . . and developing trust so that your messages are properly communicated. It is a very simple formula that we found works to the mutual benefit of our clients and the media.

Over our 40-year history, this combination of marketing, service and creativity has consistently proven successful for our clients, and we pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we've developed.